The Bird Crash Preventer is the premier all-around means of preventing bird strikes.

We developed it years ago out of necessity for our own use. Like other bird lovers, we found that decals don’t work and we refused to block our view by using window coatings or coverings.

We experimented until we ultimately discovered a method that’s highly effective, barely visible and easy for people to mount. It uses durable UV-resistant lines that last many years.


In February 2017 we surveyed 50 customers who bought Bird Crash Preventers a year or more ago to get feedback on their experiences. Here are typical responses:


Anchorage, AK
“Glad to provide feedback. The Preventers have worked beautifully. We couldn’t be more pleased. In winter, when we feed grosbeaks and other birds on our railing, we were having so many strikes that we’d stopped feeding them. We had tried hanging all kinds of things on the windows, but nothing worked very well. We’d have several strikes a day, with some fatalities. Now, with your Preventers, we rarely have a strike. I’d say maybe one a week, and the bird just flies off.”

Florence, CO
“I LOVE your bird crash preventers. I lost 6 birds and had 20-30 strikes before I put them up. I tried many other types and they didn’t work. We have had only 3 strikes once installed and only 1 past away, the other 2 recovered. We have a lot of windows in our home and greenhouse. I feed the birds every day and am heartbroken when they hit the windows. Your preventers have been a god send.”

Carmel Valley, CA
“I’d guess that we’d have about 6 strikes a week before installing, and I am guessing 2 a month after. Once we got used to having them, we don’t really see them.”

Springfield, OR

“I have been very satisfied with these devices. It seemed like in the spring especially, we had almost daily strikes with about 50% of them being fatal. Now we get very few strikes. I can’t remember the last fatal strike since I put these on. I had one strike just a few weeks ago, and it wasn’t fatal… I would recommend these to anyone that has the bird crash problem.”

Santa Rosa, CA
“Hi…….I Love your product… I love feeding the birds but the window hits were awful so I stopped and we still got quite a few hits monthly. We have not had one hit on the windows that we put your Bird Crash Preventers on. I absolutely LOVE your product!!!….You don’t even notice them. It’s nice being able to feed the birds and not her an awful bang on the window anymore! Five out of five stars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and yes! share my experience with anyone you like.”

Island Park, ID
“We have used the product for 2 years now. The BCPs are easy to install and hang, they do not interfere with the view at all. I have recommended your product to others.”

Steamboat Springs, CO
“Wow! Can’t believe I’ve had those window protectors that long! I have to say in the almost three years they have been in use, if a bird DID strike those windows, they survived. We are pleased they do not obstruct our vision of our backyard and ski area. People do question what they are when they come over, but they are not unsightly, barely noticeable. They’ve held up great, and the windows aren’t a problem to clean with them on.”

Magnolia, TX
“We have had great success with these. We lost probably about a dozen birds in a 3-4 month period. They were mostly hummingbirds but there was also a beautiful woodpecker. We had decals on the windows but they didn’t help. We have not had one fatality since they were installed I haven’t even seen one get stunned from hitting the windows. So, in a nutshell, they are great.”

Exeter, RI
“The Preventer system has worked very well! Before installation we had at least 3 crashes per week, at times they happened daily. There has only been one serious crash in the approximately 6 weeks after installation and that was fatal. There have been 2 or 3 minor collisions where the bird hit the monofilament only or the window very lightly.”

Lakeside, CA
“I am happy to give you feedback. Before they were installed, I would hear birds striking my windows at least once a day and often it was three to four times a day. These strikes most often resulted in severely dazed or dead birds. Since the preventers have been on my windows, from 2013, I have heard only one collision and have experienced no dead or dazed birds. In my opinion, the preventers have been an overwhelming success.

I no longer even notice them.In my opinion they are a huge success. When necessary, I will be buying more!!! Hope you find this feedback helpful. I am a very big fan! And, yes, it is permissible to share my anecdotal input. Thank you for such a wonderful product!”

Oakview, CA
“Can’t say exactly how many bird fatalities suffered before but it was an alarming number due to the reflective nature of our windows and the view of the mountains reflected in them.

Since installing the devices there have only been a couple of birds crash into them and these soon flew away seemingly unharmed, so we are very very happy with the results!”

Bigfork, MT
“I LOVE the Crash Preventers! I buried EIGHT birds in spring/early summer… 2-3 per month with tears in my eyes. After installing these, over the last two years we have had NO strikes!
Thank you for your wonderful product!”

Memphis, TN
“We have been very pleased with the Bird Crash Preventers. We had multiple bird strikes in the eight months we had lived in this house. I don’t think we’ve had a fatality since. On occasion I’ve heard a thump or I’ve seen a feather, but I’ve not found an injured or deceased bird.”

Spencer, IN
“We are very happy with the preventers and they have worked so well for us and the feathered friends. I would say we went from 7-10 noted fatalities a year to 1-3.

I was thinking the strings would be too noticeable for my tastes, but they are practically invisible, they are easy to adjust if wind loosens. And they were easy to install…”